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Who is StarSumiaki?

I'm Laf, known professionally as StarSumiaki. I'm an American self-taught artist living somewhere in the Rocky Mountain midwest. I enjoy drawing cute girls (with an emphasis on dragon-girls and magical girls) and giant robots.

I've been developing a Canonical Works Universe composed of hundreds of OCs and dozens of stories since 2005. Unfortunately, precisely zero of those stories have been finished. Alas!

The Meaning of "Sumiaki"

Sumiaki is the romanization (writing of sounds as English letters) of the Japanese kanji 隅空き. It roughly translates to "empty corner space". Why? Why not?

Nomenclature Guidelines

"StarSumiaki" is technically a brand name rather than a pseudonym. It is intentionally written as a single word with no spaces.

  • StarSumiaki
  • Star
  • Star Sumiaki
  • Sumiaki
  • Ms/Mx Sumiaki (or any other such honorific)
Or you can just call me Laf.

Navigating Two Sets of Pronouns

You can call me either "they/them" or "she/her". Neither is more or less preferred over the other. Use whichever you prefer or even mix them up interchangeably in the same sentence if you like to be chaotic good!

StarSumiaki is a ______ ?

I am the vessel for the true King of Braves, Genesic GaoGaiGar.

We live in a time where people are able to explore and express themselves, and create an identity transcendent to the defaults of one's physical coil as assigned at birth. Unfortunately, I've never been particularly good at summarizing those feelings with labels.

Thus, for now, the only suitable conclusion is that I simply just am.

About the Japanese Aesthetics

I'm an enthusiast of Japanese history, culture, and language. That sort of sincere enthusiasm is a deep-reaching dye upon a person. However, I have been working at diversifying my content beyond "everybody's Japanese" with my newer OCs.

And for anybody wondering: no, I am *not* one of those weebs who worships Japan and thinks it's some almighty nation of perfection. Like any country, it's full of great and terrible things, and has its own controversial history and life choices. I may have found my interest through anime and manga, but my curiosity is heavily anthropological.

Drawing Schedule (Or Lack Thereof)

I try to at least draw 1-2 things per week, but more difficult pieces can take upwards of two weeks to a month.

Commission Requests

I'm currently not open to any paid commission work. Check back later, please!


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